Why the Family Doctor Will Soon Be Extinct

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If you ask, your parents or grandparents may still be able to recount the personal relationship they once had with their family doctor. This physician cared for everyone and anyone in his or her clinic… and sometimes on house calls. This family doctor did everything from welcoming newborns, providing them their earliest care, to counseling a family on the health … Read More

Senior Housing Trends to Watch in 2016

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Housing Trends for Seniors

For those of our nation’s 45 million senior citizens that decide to make a move next year, “Home Sweet Home” could look quite different. These aging Baby Boomers will downsize to smaller spaces, retire to nursing homes or senior living centers, or simply opt to stay put and make changes to their long-established homes. Here’s a look at some of … Read More

House Call Medicine Helps Bridge Gap in Medical Care

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Continuity of Care

If you’ve ever been referred to a specialist by your physician or needed an emergency visit, you’ve likely experienced the increasingly fractured system of medical care, where a patient’s previous treatment plans and medical history can often be lost in the shuffle. Are house calls the answer to improving a patient’s continuity of care? Dr. Ernest Brown, a physician who … Read More