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We are Bethesda’s premier house call doctor service

Our concierge medicine practice may have started in Washington, DC, but we’ve got roots in Bethesda (because what’s not to love about Bethesda?) so it’s only natural that we service the area, too! The doctors and specialists on our house call team have served Bethesda for almost a decade, and our service area covers most of the region. When we expanded to Bethesda a decade ago, our goal was to provide top-notch house call and concierge medical services to the 65,000 men and women that call the city home. Fast-forward to present-day, and Bethesda residents near and far consistently tell us we’re doing just that! When you need house call medical treatment in the Bethesda area,  you can trust that the Doctors to You house call team will be there. After all, we’ve been proudly serving Bethesda for over ten years!

Introducing the primary care physician that does so much more

When it comes to house calls, Doctors to You has been the premier option for Marylanders for over a decade. To us, a house call is about much more than medicine. It’s about bringing back passionate, human to human care– and putting empathy over a paycheck. Unlike other family medicine physicians and medical practices here in the Bethesda area, our service model is centered around the patient, first and foremost. We don’t charge before our patients get better, nor do we push illnesses to the back burner because we’re busy with others. Our primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and staff members devote all of their attention to you and your medical care. That’s the Doctors to You difference– and it’s what separates us from your traditional primary care provider. When you need a team that will put your health care needs above all else, you can turn to us.

Our house call team has decades of experience

Our founder, Dr. Ernest Brown, cut his teeth as a practitioner around the Bethesda, Maryland area, and patient centered care has been a part of his practice model ever since he started residency rotations over twenty years ago. Alongside him, our physician assistants and nurse practitioners have been in the field for years, and are able to offer a level of comprehensive care you just won’t find in a brick and mortar office. We didn’t decide to offer concierge health services at random. We’ve had ages to hone the skills necessary to provide our patients with the absolute best in care services, and that’s reflected in every house call we make. Whether you’re in need of urgent care, preventive medicine, immunizations, or anything else you’d find in a traditional Bethesda hospital, we’re able to provide it with the personal touch and attention to detail that harried care providers in hospitals just don’t have the time to give. Our primary care practice serves patients of all ages across the full scope of care, and, if medical problems need more specific treatment, we’re right there to see you through to a specialist just as devoted to comprehensive primary care as we are.

Quality Care Begins Here

No appointment needed. Ever.

For our specialists, preventive care is just the beginning

When you choose Doctors to You in Bethesda for your medical needs, you don’t just get a primary care doctor at your door. You get a team that will assess your medical conditions, provide specialty care, and go the extra mile to get you better as soon as possible. For many people, trying to find a doctor can be like pulling teeth– and trying to find one known for treating patients same day is next to impossible. That’s not the case with us. Unlike clinics, hospitals, and other other traditional facilities in the health care system, we offer a wide range of primary care services and specialized care solutions designed to treat medical problems immediately. The minute you make an appointment, you’re funneled to a specialist that will triage and decide the appropriate course of action. Whether it’s a phone consult or a visit for emergency care, we’ll be there quickly and take care of medical illnesses and injuries efficiently. Our commitment to quality patient care truly knows no bounds.

Get started with a Bethesda-based team devoted to your health wellness

When we started practicing medicine in the Bethesda, MD area years ago, the healthcare industry laughed. They said the house call doctor was a thing of the past, and that nowadays people were used to waiting forever to see a primary or urgent care doctor. To them, t was just “how healthcare was”– and nothing could change it.

We decided to call their bluff. We had a hunch that if folks had the option to choose visits from a quality house call doctor or concierge medicine team on their time over inconvenient wait times in a stuffy office, they would. And we were right. Thousands of appointments later, we’re proud to say that we are the leading house call team in and around Bethesda, Maryland, and Washington, DC. We don’t have wait times or office hours, because we don’t operate out of an office. Our house call doctors visit our patients wherever they are, whenever they need us. One patient at a time, we’re proud to have returned the power of healthcare back to the ones who should have had it all along– the men and women we treat.

At Doctors to You, we’re a lean, mean pathogen-fighting machine of house call doctors and professionals with one goal in mind- meeting you, your employees or your family in person to treat illnesses and ailments all the way up to the point of recovery. We are quality care. We are convenient care. And we’re a level of care you won’t find anywhere else in Bethesda. If you’re ready for the next level of patient care, then we can’t wait to meet you. Submit a request through our patient portal now!

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