The business of healthcare has ruined medicine. But we are on a mission to take it back to the way it was, personalized medical attention that makes a difference in people’s lives and their communities.

Founded by native Washingtonian Dr. Ernest Brown, Doctors to You is deconstructing healthcare, by taking old-fashioned medicine and combining it with the tools of today’s mobile and web technologies.

Desk job? Clock in 9-5? Definitely, not. And why should it be? We’re more than just a business, we are a movement! And every movement begins with a grassroots effort. Show us what you’re made of and your passion. Once you’ve joined the family you will get to see what the legacy of hard work, dedication, and creativity can really achieve. It all starts with the research, strategy, planning and execution. You will be involved in every step we take, together.

Explore career options below:

We’re looking for physicians like you to join our movement and make the practice of medicine enjoyable again!

As a DTY provider you’ll realize several unique benefits, including:

  • A manageable schedule of only 2-4 patients a day
  • Professionally and personally rewarding experiences with patients
  • Base salary for shifts with bonus for each case completed
  • Flexible part-time or full-time positions based on your schedule
  • Simple visit documentation and no complex EMR to learn

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