Medical Provider


Gary is a Physician Assistant with many years of experience in general surgery and surgical oncology. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico in Liberal Arts. Following this, he entered The George Washington University PA program and graduated in 1990, earning a second bachelor’s degree.

He began his PA career at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. where he worked in the operating room as a surgical physician assistant for four years. He then moved to the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C., and spent 15 years there working in surgical oncology. For the past five years, Gary has worked for Maui Medical Group in Wailuku, Hawaii in general surgery. Now, having returned to his Virginia home, Gary has joined Doctors To You and is excited to work as a house call physician assistant.


Business Manager & Medical Intern


Michelle grew up in Montgomery County, and graduated Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School at the top of her class. She worked at the National Institutes of Health as a summer intern throughout high school at a lung cancer signal transduction lab. She continued this research before heading off to Emory University, where she was nominated as an Emory Scholar and received a generous liberal arts scholarship. During her summers home from college she worked as a camp nurse at Headfirst Summer Camp and also worked at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) at the National Institutes of Health studying Myositis.

She has been volunteering weekly as a Certified EMT at her local Fire and Rescue Squad for the past three years. In addition, Michelle is certified in IV Therapy, Phlebotomy, Basic Life Support (BLS), and CPR/ First Aid. At Doctors To You, she works with Dr. Brown on business development and medical care, as well as directly helping with patients on calls. Michelle is working towards becoming a Physician Assistant and plans to focus on pediatrics.

Samantha K.
Team Manager
"Working with Doctors To You has been the experience of a lifetime. We are a fun, energetic and creative team paving the way for home healthcare and personalized medical care that is hard to find in the 21st century."
Aditi B.
Human Resources Generalist
"Working with such an energetic team is great! By the end of every meeting I've learnt something entirely new and it never gets boring around here since everyone is so passionate about the movement."
Kayona B.
Content Writer
"I like working in an environment that provides me with the opportunity to learn on a daily bases. As the content writer, I'm constantly researching new, useful ideas, methods and approaches to wellness that carry over into my personal everyday life. By creating and producing content, this also enables me to help others."
Amanda H.
Public Relations Specialist
"Working for Doctors To You has given me the amazing opportunity to work in the field that I love while applying it to a movement that really matters. Everyone on our team is extremely passionate, talented, and driven towards a rewarding goal."
Thomas G.
Marketing Lead
"Doctors to You is a strong and dynamic team that strives to change the healthcare market to what people really need -- personalized and flexible care whenever and wherever it's needed. As the marketing team lead, I join an energetic and fun team that works together to spread the word about Doctors to You in order to get more and more people health care that is most convenient to them."
Catherine P.
Marketing Consultant
"As a consultant in tourism for Doctors To You, my focus is sharing DTY services with travel companies coordinating trips to Washington, DC for their guests. Those organizations who have relied on us as a resource when their travelers have needed medical attention have been overwhelmingly appreciative of the service and care that Doctors To You has provided."
Cameron S.
Marketing Specialist
"I find it hard to reconcile a healthcare system that no longer cares. Doctors To You brings humanity back to healthcare, and for that I can't praise Dr. Brown or this movement enough. This is a movement about everyone. It matters because we matter, and together our team is effecting the change we hope to see in the world. I am thankful to collaborate with a team of such diverse, talented and driven friends on a daily basis."
Matt C.
Marketing Intern
"We work as one unit at Doctors To You. From the experienced medical staff to the people working behind the scenes, we all share the same ideology. Together, we promote compassion, convenience and quality care because you as a patient deserve only the best when you are ill."
Pauline C.
Lead Website/Web App Developer
"I enjoy working at Doctors To You because I like to be a part of a movement to bring health care back to it's roots! Working here is unlike any other experience and I'm grateful to be a part of it."
Melanie K.
Website/Web App Developer
"I think the Doctors To You movement is so important because it is part of a changing healthcare system that strives to meet the needs of its patients. By coming directly to someone in time of need, Doctors To You helps to expand access to medical care for all people."
Hannah L.
Graphic Designer
"Modern medicine has grown impersonal. As technologies advance, they have come to replace certain personal touches that used to come standard in a doctor/patient relationship. Our movement matters because we are bringing those personal touches back to medicine with an emphasis on caring for our patients in all senses of the word."
Fatmata B.
Communications Intern
"Doctors To You is the most inviting environment I have ever worked in. The people are supportive and genuine. Not only that, but the emphasis on caring for others is a major part in the Doctors To You's movement. It makes me want to give my all in all the positive work I do and one day permanently bring the house call doctor back into our society."