Technology is changing, and so are the times.

Unfortunately, getting seen by a doctor these days takes time and energy you can't afford when you're sick.

  • Your doctor isn’t available.
  • You don’t have time to sit in a crowded and impersonal clinic
  • You’re bedridden and can’t travel to a clinic only to wait further to be seen.
  • You would rather spend more time with a caring doctor than feeling like you’re stuck on an assembly line.

At Doctors To You we believe the practice of medicine should be a combination of four key philosophies:

  • Treating the patient, not the symptoms;
  • Being on call in order to minimize or eliminate lengthy wait times;
  • Delivering services on site rather than requiring the patient travel to receive medical care; and
  • Building continuous relationship vs. handling transactions.

It’s time you had a choice and Doctors To You is here to provide that and much, much more! So be prepared for service that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Doctors To You takes the best of the old and new, combining them to offer you an unparalleled experience. Today’s doc-in-a-box businesses and “minute” clinics simply can’t compare.

On-site service, right in your home, hotel room or office, our doctors understand what it takes to provide care to you.

Our commitment starts from the moment you call until you are back on your feet. And we don’t take payment until you’re better- that’s how confident we are with the care we provide.

Learn more about our CEO, Dr. Ernest Brown, and the founding of Doctors To You here.