Doctors To You, a solely house call medical practice, is rebuilding the doctor-patient relationship so that you can get the care you deserve. We come to you, whether it is at your house, office, hotel room, or embassy.

Get a House Call in 3 Easy Steps

Give us a call.

If you’re not feeling well and are in need of a doctor, we’re here to get you back on your feet. The first step is to request a doctor.

Talk with a doctor.

Our doctors will have a one-to-one, private conversation with you to listen to your concerns and assess your medical needs.

We’re on our way!

If a visit is needed, our doctor will come directly to you. Whether it’s your home, your hotel room, or your place of work.

What Our Patients Are Saying…

I never had to wait in a doctor’s office, and my prescription was immediately sent to my local pharmacy

Kara Blythe Myers testimonial picture

Dr. Brown then continued to correspond with me in the days that followed via text, asking how I was progressing and even changing my dosage based on my progress. Seriously the BEST medical care I have EVER received!!!

Kara Blythe Myers

As a doctor myself, I highly recommend them.

Isra J. testimonial picture

He answered me and talked to me like a patient didn’t skip any question or got annoyed. I really appreciate that. That is what real medicine is about.

Isra J.

House calls can be scheduled in convenience with my time, and in non-emergency situations I can continue working at home

Missy L. testimonial picture

This service is incredibly convenient. My local walk-in clinic always has the longest lines in the world and Doctors To You allows me to skip those completely.

Missy L.

His visit was a very pleasant experience and saved me long waiting hours in the ER.

Rolf Willemsen testimonial picture

Exceptional service. I called Dr. Brown on a Saturday morning for back problems. He came to see me within an hour of my call. Very professional and friendly.

Rolf Willemsen

Great service and no waiting at urgent care, the Dr comes to you!


Was on vacation and my son got a sty. Called and got immediate help and a prescription to CVS. Dr followed up over the next few days until the infection cleared up.

James V Bona III

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Brown was inspired to make house calls in medical school when he watched an older doctor perch on the edge of a patient’s bed, discharge her and promise to go see her in a week. He eventually asked to learn under that doctor, and soon, it was just the two of them driving around the city, treating patients.

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Dr. Ernest Brown is a family physician who does only house calls in Washington, D.C.

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NPR’s Robert Siegel joins Dr. Ernest Brown, a primary care physician who only practices by house call, as he makes his rounds in Washington, D.C. He says it’s a mistake to put a price tag on medicine.

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Brown is part of a small but growing legion of doctors who’ve embraced a relic of the past: The house call.

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His paying patients are foreign and domestic travelers, including foreign dignitaries, staying at the city’s hotels. Treating those clients allows him to serve as the primary care doctor — pro bono — for more than a dozen elderly homebound residents in poorer neighborhoods.

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Meet our founder, Dr. Ernest Brown


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