Meet The Founder

A Passion for Caring

As a medical student at Howard University, Dr. Brown originally sought to become an emergency medicine physician. However, by fate or circumstance, during a third year clerkship, he was mentored by one of the foremost house call doctors in the country. This defining moment led Dr. Brown to see that one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon a doctor is having the opportunity to care and the duty to serve. With this passion, Dr. Brown focused all of his training on preparing himself to give back to his community by providing house calls to the elderly and disabled. His pursuit of equitable health care continues as a house call doctor in areas defined by the lowest socioeconomic and the greatest health disparities in Washington, DC.

Doctors To You: The Movement is Born

In a world of institutionalized medicine, telemedicine and doc-in-a-box clinics, it’s hard for Dr. Brown to just sit back and watch as both patients and doctors suffer through a system that continually fails. Far too often, patients are just regarded as a commodity, parts on an assembly line for which doctors feverishly work to keep up with the ever increasing pace set by those who only seek to profit.

Dr. Brown knows that doctors do still have the passion and dedication to provide care but are not given the opportunity. So echoing The Lorax, “Unless someone cares a whole awful lot”, he founded Doctors To You in 2015 to break through the barriers and bring medicine back to its roots- into the hands of the people who need care and those who care enough to provide it. So, in a sense, Doctors To You is more a movement than a business. It is an opportunity that welcomes everyone who cares.